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Friday, April 20, 2012

RBI Solved Model Question Papers of General Awareness

 General Awareness 15 Solved Sample Questions for the RBI Exam

1) As per the notification issued by the banks, the " Third party ATM usage " will now be restricted to certain withdrawals and limits only.What does it really mean ?
1) The ATM Cardholders will not be able to withdraw from other banks ATMs under any circumstances.
2) Customer of one Bank may be able to withdraw only a limited amounts from other banks ATMs.
3) ATM card holders will have to pay a fee if they withdraw money from other banks ATMs frequently.

1) only A
2) only B
3) only C
4) only B and C
5) only A and B

2) The Reserve Bank of India has directed all the banks to ensure that the names of their customers.Individuals or corporates, donot appear in any list published by the security council committee.this act/directive of the RBI is to ensure which of the following ?
1) To ensure that the bank loans/advances taken by the individuals/organizations are used only in those activities for which they are taken.
2) To ensure that money deposited in the bank has not come from unknown and unauthorized sources.
3) To ensure that no one visits a foreign nation for any illegal activities by purchasing foreign currency from a bank
4) To ensure that Indians do not go to a nation where Indians are being targeted for racial discrimination
5) None of these

3) In case of Personal Loan where there is default in repayment, say for 90 days, the account may be classified as -------- asset
1) Sub- Standard
2) Doubtful
3) Loss
4) Dormant
5) None of these

4) What is the full form of UNEP, a term frequently seen in news papers?
1) universal Notification on Energy Protection
2) Universal New Education project
3) Universal Natural Energy Project
4) United Nations Education Programme.
5) United Nations Environment Programme

5) ASEAN recently signed agreement called FTA with India.What is the full form of FTA ?
1) Foreign Trade Agreement
2) Full Trade Agreement
3) Favourite Trade Acknowledgment
4) Final and total Approach
5) Free Trade Agreement

6) Which of the following statement is correct about the budget 2012-13 presented in the parliament on March 16,2012 ?
1) Gross Tax Receipts estimated at Rs 10,77,612 crore.
2) Plan expenditure for 2012-13 at Rs 5,21,025 crore is 18 Percent higher than the budget estimates 2011-12.
3) Fiscal deficit at 5.1 Percent of GDP in Budget Estimates 2012-13.
4) Exemption limit for the general category of individual taxpayers proposed to be enhanced from Rs 1.8 lakh to Rs 2 Lakh
5) All of the above

7) Which of the following derivative products carry a counterparty risk?
1) FC forward contract
2) currency future
3) commodity futures
4) All of the above
5) None of these

8) When in an interest rate swap the floating rate in one currency is exchanged for fixed rate in other currency, it is called:
1) Quanto Swaps
2) Coupon Swap
3) Plain Vanilla Swap
4) Swap option
5) None of these

9) Which of the following is NOT considered as a parameter for defining the Below Poverty Line(BPL) status of a Person ?
1) Food security
2) Martial Status
3) Debt
4) Literacy
5) land holding

10) Which of the following countries has raised objection to India's effort to make a 608 Km long road link through Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarkhand, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh ?
1) China
2) Nepal
3) Myanmar
4) Bhutan
5) Afghanistan

11) "CRY" is the name of the organization Which works for the welfare of --------
1) Cancer Patients
2) Children
3) War Victims
4) Senior Citizen
5) None of these

12) " Mumbai Gold Cup " is a book written by ---------
1) Cricket
2) Football
3) Hockey
4) Badminton
5) Lawn Tennis

13) " A Good Women " is a book written by
1) Dario Fo
2) V.S.Naipaul
3) Orpan Parmuk
4)  Herta Muller
5) Danielle steel

14) Which of the following is NOT called the type of Inflation ?
1) Cost Push
2) Real Wages
3) Demand Pull
1) only A
2) only B
3) only C
4) only A and C
5) only B and C

15) At which of the following places the Seventh Asia Gas Partnership summit was held in March 2012?
1) New Delhi
2) Islamabad
3) Beijing
4) Dhaka
5) Colombo


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