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Saturday, May 9, 2015

National Current Affairs (NCA) Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Quiz 2015: Competitive Exam Material

National Affairs Quiz 2015

1) Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu on 19th March 2015 constituted the kayakalp council, which will recommended innovative methods and processes for the improvement, betterment and transformation of the Indian railways. Who was appointed as the chairman of the council

1) M. Raghavaiah
2) Ratan Tata
3) Shiv Gopal Mishra
4) Mukesh Ambani

Ans 2

2) The inland waterways Authority of India (IWAI) in March 2015 signed an agreement (MoU) with which the dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India (DFCCIL) for creation of logistic hubs with rail connectivity at

1) Varanasi
2) Alwar
3) Pune
4) Mumbai

Ans 1

3) The Supreme court on 18th March 2015, struck down the erst while UPA Govt. decision to include which community in the list of other backward castes (OBC's) ?
1) Vaishya
2) Gujjar
3) Jat
4) Nirankari Sikhs

Ans 3

4) In an important ruling,the supreme court of India on 16th March 2015 made it clear the Aadhar cards issued by the UIDAI are not mandatory for
1) Opening bank Accounts
2) Availing of government subsidy
3) Getting Passport
4) All of the above

Ans 2

5) The Union Govt. of India in March 2015 announced to take several measures for international branding and promotion of the 2015 Nabakalebar Rath Yatra, a special event which comes every 19 years. The term "Nabakalebar" associated with the Rath Yatra of 2015 stands for the periodical renewal of the wooden images of
1) Lord Jagannath
2) Lord Subhadra and Sudarshan
3) Lord Bhalabhadara
4) All of the above

Ans 4

6) In an important development on March 2015, former Prime Minister Manmohan singh ws summoned as an accused along with five others in a case linked to the coal scam. This case pertaining to mining rights is associated with which company?
1) Hindalco
2) Tata Steel
3) Coal India
4) None of the above

Ans 1

7) Union Minister of state for Commerce and Industries Nirmala Sitharaman on 26th March 2015 inaugurated  a land custom station at the Indo-Myanmar border trade centre  at Zokhawthar in champhai district of 

1) Mizoram
2) Bihar
3) Madhya Pradesh
4) Nagaland

Ans 1

8) Which of the following in March 2015 became the first court in India to set up dedicated commercial courts with in to ensure speedy disposal of cases?
1) Delhi High Court
2) Bombay High Court
3) Allahabad High Court
4) Bihar High Court

Ans 1

9) Which of the following policy initiatives to ensure security of women in the country under the Nirbhaya funds was proposed by the union ministry of Home affairs in March 2015?
1) Initiative to prevent and monitor obscene online content.
2) Central victim compensation fund (CVCF)
3) Investigative units on crime against women (IU-CAW)   
4) All of the above

Ans 4



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