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Friday, May 8, 2015

National Current Affairs (NCA) Quiz 2015 Multiple Choice Question: Competitive Exam Material

National Affairs 2015

1) What is the name of the first direct container vessel from India to Qatar which arrived at Doha on 31st March 2015 as part of a non-stop service launched to facilitate swift trade between two countries?

1) INS Bandhu
2) M.S Convent
3) INS Rakashak
4) M.S Millennium

Ans- 2

2) The Indian Govt. on 30th March 2015 sent two ships- M.V Kawarati and M.V Coral from Kochi for Djibouti to rescue Indian standard in stife-torn

1) Yemen
2) Libya
3) Egypt
4) Somalia

Ans- 1

3) The BJP on 29th March 2015 became the largest political party in the world with number of registered members crossing 8.8 crore figure. It overtook which party on sheer number?

1) Communist party of china
2) Likud Party
3) Labour party of Canada
4) Congress 1

Ans- 1

4) A documentary film made by British director leslee udwin about the fatal gang rape of the 23- yrs old paramedic women in New delhi in 2012 was banned in India in March 2015. What is the name of this documentary?

2) Daughter in Peril
3) India’s daughter
4)Daughter of the east

Ans- 3

5) The Union Govt. on 3rd of March 2015 faced an embarrassment in the Rajya Sabha when an amendment moved by the opposition to the President address over corruption and back money was passed. This movement was passed by 

1)Anand Sharma
2) Sitaram Yechury
3)P. Rajeeve
4) Both 2 & 3

Ans- 4

6) The ECI on March 2015 launched in the National Roll Purification and Authentication Programme with the aim of bringing a totally error free and authenticated electoral roll and linking it with Aadhar card of UIDAI by

1) 15th August 2015
2) 2nd October 2015
3) 25th December 2015
4) 31st December 2015

Ans- 1

7) Foreign secretary S. Jaishankar left for his ambitious visit of SAARC countries on 1st March 2015 and reached Bhutanese capital Thimpu. How many SAARC countries did he visit on his tour

1) Three countries
2) Five countries
3) Four countries
4) Seven countries

Ans- 3

8) The Supreme Court on 24th March 2015 declared section 66A of the information and technology act as unconstitutional. This section gave the policy powers objectionable content online and also provided for a jail term

1) 6 years
2) 4 years
3) 2 years
4) 3 years 
Ans- 4

9) In order to de-congest and stream lime huge litigation which of the following bodies did the Finance Ministry in March 2015 launch the national Judicial Reference system (NJRS)?

1) Income tax department
2) Central Board of Direct tax
3) Debt recovery Appellate tribunal
4) Both 1 and 2 

Ans- 2

10) The Indian Navy recently decided to decommission its air craft carrier INS Viraat in Feb. 2016. This Navel carrier is one of the longest warships in the world. In which year was it initially commissioned in the Royal British Navy?

1) 1965
2) 1945
3) 1930
4) 1957

Ans- 4     


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